Kids Mountain - Altoona, PA Skatepark Shirt

Whoah! Way to be dude. You found this page because you were either told about the commemorative Kids Mountain shirts or you were surfing for Kids Mountain Skatepark, Altoona, PA. Either way you found this page. Congrats!

If you were like me, and you were from the Altoona/Hollidaysburg area, you grew up at Kids Mountain. We ALL loved owners, Bev and Scott Titzel. Bev was one of the most welcoming people I have met. The Titzel's gave the Altoona area and beyond, a skatepark complete with a concrete bowl, several halfpipes, and mini-ramps... ALL in the middle of nowhere, Central PA.

Kids Mountain was also a proshop, playground, and a deece hangout spot. I saw my first punk rock show in the basement of Kids Mountain, I was 13. Seeing Corrosive Death that night set me on a path that I haven't strayed too far from 30 years later. CORROSIVE DEATH!

Kids Mountain was so much more than a place to hangout. It was a place to grow-up, vibe on new music/culture, and meet new friends/hang with your old dudes. You could also buy the latest hi-top Vans, Vision Street Wear, Ballzout!.. name it, Kids Mountain had it, smack-dab, in the middle of the Allegheny mountains, folks.

Pro skaters sought this little "four-wheeled-competition-Mecca" out on occasion to try their hand at battling out the locals for prizes... 

I miss it. I think we all do.

So here it is folks the EightOneFour commemorative Kids Mountain Skatepark shirt and die cut sticker. Scott Titzel approved the design, in fact, his exact words were "Honored and Outstanding!"

Printed on the best shirt you can buy from American Apparel 100% cotton. EightOneFour is so stoked to be a part in bringing this on-back to your sweaty little palms...

Kids Mountain Altoona, PA Skatepark Shirt

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