EightOneFour - Kids Mountain Commemorative Shirt Commercial

It took 10 minutes to record it... Eight of those minutes were spent doubled over laughing in the middle of the street. It's with great pleasure to give you, STAR MOVES:

and the Instagram 15 seconds of awesome:
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Kids Mountain - Altoona, PA Skatepark Shirt

Whoah! Way to be dude. You found this page because you were either told about the commemorative Kids Mountain shirts or you were surfing for Kids Mountain Skatepark, Altoona, PA.
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Stormstown BMX - State College, PA Area BMX Track

From 1977-1985 Clayton John of John's Derailleurs BMX (State College, PA)  and one-time ABA president, ran a BMX track in Stormstown, PA. This big time, downhill BMX track was located on farm land right outside of State College, PA. Stormstown BMX was the first ABA (American Bicycle Association) race track in the north-east ('79)  and was the site ABA Nationals in 1981. The track eventually closed in 1985 when John took his bike company to Arizona.

Clayton John helped put central PA and the east coast, for that matter, on the map for bicycle motocross (BMX). EightOneFour is proud to unearth a slice of  814 BMX history and the Stormstown BMX track with this commemorative shirt. We hope we did it justice. 


Order it here:

Stormstown BMX  commemorative shirt

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You need a new lid...

This is your new lid. Otto style Twill Pro-Quality Navy snapback hat with custom embroidery. Step out Central PA Proud with the awesome buck and keystone logo on your dome. $25 bucks is a small price to pay to look so fly...     Get the EightOneFour buck and keystone shirt and look complete! 

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Nerd stuff - BBPress - Community Junction Error

If you get the error with your BBPress theme with Community Junction:

Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function ‘bp_dtheme_new_activity_comment’ not found or invalid function name in /wp-includes/plugin.php on line 496


Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function ‘bp_dtheme_ajax_messages_send_reply’ not found or invalid function name in /wp-includes/plugin.php</b> on line 496

Open up your _inc/ajax.php file > rename >ajax-old.php > save


Create a new file called ajax.php and copy the php code from this file:



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National Branding - Herlocher’s Dipping Mustard & NBC Today Show

Herlocher's Dipping Mustard Jar

In 2008, EightOneFour LLC was asked to take over the national online presence for Herlocher Foods products… particularly - Herlocher’s Dipping Mustard. Struggling online sales and poor web visibility, lead to the demise of the brands online sales.

Neil Herlocher, President of Herlocher Foods, approached me in effort to boost his web sales. The challenge here was several fold.

  1. Outdated web standards
  2. Several Websites (one to the store and one to the website) confusing clients.
  3. No SEO had been implemented
  4. The web developer that was working with Herlocher Foods dropped off the face of the earth and the URL was about expire.

Obviously, there were many challenges with this project. After meeting with Neil on a consistent basis, we laid the foundation for how we were going to attack his online sales issues.

We continued with the Yahoo store for a couple of years but masked the url so would resolve to the website, causing less confusion for the potential web sales. We updated the website to XHTML, rebranded the site to be less clunky, implemented a Google Adwords campaign, and we made it easier to find the online store. Reaping the rewards.

Results over the past 7 years:

  • Online sales double in the first year. Ranking #1 in Google for keyword “Dipping Mustard”
  • After 2 years online sales spiked and increased again.
  • In 4 years We gained national attention for the NCAA mustard labels on featuring a spot the NBC Today Show and another record year for sales.
  • Closed down the Yahoo Store and updated everything to Shopify
  • Purchased for SEO rebranding the URL to increase sales
  • Launched the new web store and Social Media campaign with the VML group
  • Updated shopping cart checkout to take PayPal and different credit cards.
  • 2014 Record online sales

Take: Anyone can build a website (html is free), but it takes a great website, a good product, a good web developer/design/development team, a little bit of luck, and dedication to build online sales.

EightOneFour can do this for you.



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The most watched video on USA Rugby's YouTube...

...was produced by EightOneFour.  81k hits in 5 months.

I love music... its no secret. Whenever I produce videos, I will try to work a lesser known band into the soundtrack. I do this in hopes of getting great bands a bigger audience. Cool videos need cool music.

John Reis - Rocket from the Crypt with a signed USA Rugby PhotoThe music was used in this video was granted permission from the  king of awesome music, John Reis -- Rocket from the Crypt/Night Marchers/Sultans/Hot Snakes fame.  John was gracious enough to let me use the song "All Hits". In return, we sent him a signed USA Rugby WNT team photo, and had it framed. John sent this photo back.




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2012 USA Rugby Tours and Technology/Web Development

Stade de France on the field.This year I was fortunate enough to spend 18+ days outside of Paris working as a videographer and press officer (more on this later) for USA Rugby Women's National Team **WNT** (better known as the USA Women's Eagles). I have worked for USA Rugby as a contractor for over three years and I have traveled all over Europe for rugby (Ireland, France, Italy, Wales, and England to name a few) for work.

To say the least, it's been really fun, exciting, and rewarding.

I've worked side-by-side with USA Head Coach Peter Steinberg to develop the web presence for the Women's National Team and also produced the first women's rugby iPhone app.

Peter wanted to push the limits of what the web could do to promote the team. Before we left for the Italy/France tour of 2012, I designed the web site (now defunct and absorbed

The WNT didn't have  good web visibility. The team desperately needed a place for the team to blog, to give the women athletes a voice, generate donations, build brand et al, and Steinberg recognized this.

When I was approached by Peter, to concept and develop this web site, I jumped at the chance.

The coolest thing about this was the clean slate. It all started with an idea, that idea grew into concept, concept into process, process into development, development into production.

Standing in gray suit at Stade de France watching France v SamoaNot only was I able to build the site and app, but I was able to utilize my technology developments for the tour (Rome, Orleans, Paris - Stade de France). My job was to handle the interviews, social media, and play-by-play, real-time feeds back to the USA from Europe. I was able to use my tools everyday.

I ran the tour from my iPhone 4s. All of the updates : Twitter, Facebook, web site, donations, updated from where ever I had data. This wasn't groundbreaking stuff back in 2012, but to run a tour from a single device was very powerful and sleek. I had set up the api from the website to push out to all of the platforms, so I had a single portal to reach the audience.

I remember being on a bus, stuck in Paris tunnel-traffic. Pete walked back to my bus seat and asked me to post a blog on the USAWNT web site because the team needed more donations. He asked me to post this when we got back to the hotel when we had solid wifi connection (Europe sometimes has spotty service). I said "I'll have your post on the website by the time we get out of this tunnel." I turned on my iPhone, opened my WordPress app, and started typing.

As traffic crept along, I typed. I saw the light of the tunnel and the city of Paris coming into view. I remember hitting the "submit" button on my phone sending the page to the website and then walking up to Pete's and saying "Done" right as the bus emerged from the tunnel... 5 minutes later.

USA v France poster
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EightOneFour is Here

EIGHTONEFOUR LLC from John on Vimeo.

We are super excited to be here. This has been a long time coming. We want to help you help your business. Web design. Web hosting. Web development. Print. T-shirt design. You name it, we're here to help. Stop back often as we blog about design, development, the community, family, dogs, and music.
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